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our most popular looks

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Similar to the name, this look is very subtle and suitable for clients wanting noticeable yet natural looking results. We spend one hour focusing on applying extensions to your center lashes which are naturally your longest and fullest. We recommend this style to new clients because it can easily transition to a fuller style.

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The "Classic" set is our most requested style. After the service, you will be left with noticeably fuller and thicker lashes. We recommend this service to clients who want to extend and add weight to their natural lashes.


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THE extension PROCESS

THE extension PROCESS

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step 1: consultation

We recommend a certain style based on your desired look, eye shape, and type of natural lashes.

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After you comfortably lay down, we cleanse your lashes, apply under eye pads, and place a towel on your forehead.

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step 3: application

We gently apply synthetic mink extensions to the base of your individual natural eyelashes using latex- and polyurethane-free adhesive.

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step 4: check work

At DC Lash Bar, we pride ourselves in the quality of our work. We use the time dedicated to your service to achieve your desired look without compromising quality results.

step 5: finishing touches

We brush out your lashes and dry the adhesive with a mini fan to maximize retention. We send you home with a maintenance brush and an aftercare card to remind you how to maximize your lash retention between your DCLB visits.

the results

Similar to natural lashes, our extensions are light and soft, resulting in eyelashes that enhance your eyes without looking "plastic" or "fake." This is a "Full Classic Set" and took 1.5 hours.


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about us

about us

what people are saying

"Had my first extension few months back and have been so obsessed with how beautiful they look and how much time saved in my morning make-up routines."
- Felicia B. from Yelp


"Their expertise and care is unmatched; and with such a delicate and meticulous procedure that lash extension is, you will not (and should not) want to go to any other place."
- Trixie T. from Yelp


"DC Lash Bar is amazing! I have already been four times." -Lindsey S. (Yelp)


"Exemplary customer service, and just straight up nice people working there who seem genuinely happy to have you there."
- Chrissi J. from Yelp


"Thank you so much, Josie! I'm irrevocably picky - the lashes turned out to be subtle yet impactful. And though many of my extensions have fallen (owing to my lash growth), I honestly can't wait to be back again."

"If you're considering getting lashes, DO IT. Book an appointment now I promise you will not regret it."
-Emily L. from Yelp


"This is now the 3rd lash place I have tried here in DC, due to not being impressed with others. Was such a great experience that I prepaid for fills before leaving. I will be back!"
- Heather A. from Facebook



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our brand

In addition to our regular customers, DC Lash Bar welcomes an average of 20 new customers each week. We're introducing the phenomenon of semi-permanent eyelash services to Washington, DC. Our customers appreciate the convenience and confidence our services provide - which is why they return.

Like most businesses, we focus on delivering the best quality services. Yet, we garnish our brand with our old school hospitality. Our brand is why our customers not only return, but return with their friends. 

We're just your average, hard working people who are passionate about what we do. We're fortunate to have such an amazing and loyal clientele. We invite new customers to ask us questions about our services and thank our existing customers for including eyelash extensions in their beauty routines.

our story

Josie and Stephanie are sisters and the Co-Founders of DC Lash Bar. With over 20 years of combined experience in the beauty services and business consulting industries, Josie and Stephanie decided to transition from the corporate world to self employment. They spent 9 months carefully hiring the right staff, conducting training sessions and selecting the perfect location to create the now successful DC Lash Bar.



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