what is it?

A custom airbrush tan is performed by a certified technician. It is a 15-30 minute service during which a technician uses a spray gun to meticulously apply sunless tanner to your skin while focusing on one body part at a time. The sunless tanner contains FDA-approved DHA which allows the applied color to develop for 6-8 hours. We are certified by Evolv and use Evolv equipment and products.

As opposed to automated sunless tanning machines, customized airbrush tans are applied by certified technicians who mix and apply a custom color to achieve a look specifically for your skin type and desired look. The technician applies barrier cream to certain areas then a primer to prepare your skin for maximum absorption of the solution. They apply tanning solution with a spray gun, to cover your entire body.

Everyone has different skin tones, skin types, and body shapes. Custom application meets your individual needs to achieve an even tan.

Why should i get a spray tan?

You can, (1) achieve a darker complexion without the danger of sun exposure before a vacation (2) hide your tan lines before wearing an exposing dress (3) even out skin tone and hide undesired marks such as age spots, stretch marks, spider veins, and birthmarks and (4) look slimmer with body contouring.


Shower, exfoliate well, and shave. Do not wear deodorant or apply lotion before the service. Exfoliating and shaving prepares skin for maximum color absorption.

what should i wear before/after?

Arrive in or with dark and loose fitting clothes.

what should i wear during the service?

What you wear is entirely up to you and your comfort level. Some clients prefer being nude while in the service to avoid receiving tan lines. If you choose to wear clothing, we recommend wearing a bathing suit or bra and underwear. Solution does not permanently stain your clothes.

what is provided?

We provide towels and bathrobes for your comfort. We recommend and provide feet stickers, hair caps, and barrier cream.

when can i shower?

You can shower 6-8 hours after the service. Since the color continues to develop after the service, you may want to shower before or at the 6 hour mark if you believe the color is becoming too dark. Alternatively, you may shower 8 hours or later if you would like to extend the development time to let the color darken. We can also apply an accelerator which will help develop your color faster, and allow you to shower before the 6 hour mark.

how long does the color last?

The color lasts 7-10 days, depending on how well you take care of your skin. Just like a regular tan, the color lasts longer if you lotion daily and avoid exfoliating or shaving. We also have Evolv products for sale that you can use to touch up your tan when it fades.