WHAT ARE they and how are they applied?

Eyelash extensions are synthetic replicas of lashes. They are bonded to the base of each natural lash with latex and formaldehyde free adhesive, resulting in a natural or dramatic look, depending on the client's preference (see the answer to "Are there different styles?" below). Our technicians are graduates of the DC Lash Bar training program and are well versed in the proper way to safely and effectively apply eyelash extensions without causing damage to your natural lashes. 

what do you do to prevent reactions?

We offer both a sensitive and regular glue. Our products are latex and formaldehyde free. However, if you have ever had a reaction to eye makeup, creams, or any other products you have applied to or near your eyes, then you may be sensitive to the products we use. We offer a free patch test using all of our products (adhesive, tint and perm solutions). We apply a small amount of product to your eye area to test for any reaction.


Arrive with makeup-free eyes and eyelashes. If you are a new client, please arrive 15 minutes early to fill out paperwork. We recommend a 24 hour drying period following the service, please shower before the service. Avoid caffeinated drinks before the service, as they cause eyes to twitch.


A service can take anywhere from 1to 2 hours, depending on the requested look. Most clients find this time relaxing to enjoy listening to music, chatting with the technician, or simply taking the time for a much needed nap.

which service/style should I get?

First, choose from a "Full Set" or "Fill" service. 

A "Full Set" service is the initial application of eyelashes and a "Fill" is a follow up service. During a "Fill" service, we replace outgrown or fallen extensions. If you have existing extensions (applied by us or another salon) and would like a maintenance touch up, then you are best suited for a "Fill" service.We require a minimum 30% of intact extensions to be considered a fill. If you have never had extensions before or have less than 30%, then you are best suited for a "Full Set" service.

Then choose from our 4 styles: "Natural," "Classic,""Hybrid,"and "Volume." The results graduate from subtle ("Natural") to dramatic ("Volume").

1. Natural. Similar to the name, this look is very subtle and suitable for clients wanting noticeable yet natural looking results. We spend one hour focusing on applying extensions to your center lashes which are naturally your longest and fullest. We recommend this style to new clients because it can easily transition into a fuller style.

2. Classic. The "Classic" is our most popular style. If you want lashes you've never had before, then this style is for you. We spend two hours applying single extensions to each of your natural eyelashes (one-to-one application) starting from the inner to the outer corners of your eyes. We recommend the "Classic" style for clients who want to define and enhance their lashes.

3. Hybrid. The "Hybrid" is fuller than our "Classic" look. The look is created using both one-to-one (one extension applied per natural eyelash) and fan applications (multiple light-weight lashes applied per natural lash). We recommend the "Hybrid" style for clients who have few natural lashes or want a look that is fuller than what "Classic" offers.

4. Volume. The "Volume" is our fullest set. The look is created using only fan application; a technique where the technician creates a fan consisting of 2-6 lashes per lash, using light-weight lashes. We recommend the "Volume" style for clients attending special occasions or for those wanting a more dramatic look.

If you can't decide, then no worries! Each service is initiated with a 15 minute consultation to help you find the right look based on your lifestyle and lash goal. Regardless of the style you choose, we always assess your eye shape and strength of lashes to select the appropriate type of extensions to suit your eyes while achieving your desired style. 

what are the benefits?

Eyelash extensions replace the need to wear mascara, eyeliner, or eyeshadow. Our clients save up to 10 minutes in their morning routines. After the first 24 hours, extensions are waterproof and sweat proof, but excessive water contact will reduce the potential retention. Customers can go about their daily lives - shower, go to yoga, swim, sleep, and wake up, each day ready to go.


Avoid contact with water or moisture for the first 24 hours. Do not ever apply mascara to extensions or use eyelash curling instruments. Brush and cleanse lashes daily for best results. Avoid direct heat. Avoid glycol and oil-based products. Please call us with any questions about your after-care. If you experience any reactions, please contact your doctor immediately.

To keep lashes looking their best, we recommend 1 week refills for the "Natural" styles and 2 or 3 week refills for the "Classic","Hybrid", or "Volume" styles. We require 30% of in tact extensions to be considered for a refill. If less than 30% of extensions are in tact, you will need a full set. Technicians will assess the service needed during the consultation. Fills take between 45-75 minutes. 

how long do they last?

There are several factors that contribute the retention of your extensions. The main factor is the rate at which your natural lashes shed. As such, we predict the number of days before needing a fill on the average shedding rate of 3-5 lashes per day. You can visit our services page for more information about our recommended follow up visits.

Your retention is also a result of your after care regimen. For more information, see response to "How do I maintain them?" above. Other factors such as your type of skin (oily skin contributes to shorter retention), hormone levels, and season. For more information, please contact one of our team members.

what if there is a follow up issue?

Clients who received Classic, Hybrid or Volume services are invited for a corrective appointment between 2-5 days after their initial services. Clients who received Natural services are invited for a corrective appointment up to 24 hours after their initial services.  We always invite all dissatisfied customer back for a complimentary correction or removal. In addition to correcting your issue, we also talk about the several external factors that can contribute to your shedding. Please call or e-mail us at info@dclashbar.com with any questions or concerns.


We've had several pregnant clients who choose to have eyelash services done before going into labor for the convenience benefits. Please note that you should always consult your doctor before placing an appointment. The service is performed while clients are laying down and can take anywhere between 30 - 120 minutes. We encourage bringing any necessary items such as body pillows to make yourself as comfortable as possible. We require every client to lie down during the service for best results.