Applying mascara at stop lights on the way to work, promising your significant other that you just need ten more minutes to get ready and you really mean it this time...sound familiar?

If you're a busy student or woman constantly on the go, the above scenarios might sound more like regular rituals to you. We could all use a faster make up routine (and the person sitting behind us in rush hour traffic might appreciate it too). So why not let eyelash extensions save you several minutes in the morning on eye make up? 

Lash extensions open up, darken, and decorate your entire eye area so you can forget about curling your eye lashes, mascara, eye liner, eye shadow - all of that! 

In the video below, DC Lash Bar employee Sydnie demonstrates her full glam routine with a set of classic lash extensions. She loves the way her lashes help her save time every day and nearly wake up ready, because every minute counts!

Click the image below to watch Sydnie do her full make up routine in only seven minutes. 

Want to save time in the morning too?