1. Shower before your appointment. We recommend avoiding contact with water and moisture (that includes work outs) for 24 hours after your extensions are applied. 
  2. Keep your face away from the oven! We know those cookies smell good, but lash extensions are heat-resistant, not heat-proof. Always avoid direct heat on your precious lashes.
  3. Do not apply mascara or use an eyelash curler. You don't need it anyway!
  4. Avoid glycol and oil-based products near your eyes. If these ingredients are in your make up, eye cream, or facial cleanser, it might loosen the glue on your extensions.
  5. Pick up Chrissanthie Eyelid Cleanser the next time you visit DC Lash Bar to clean the area around your eye. It's made specifically to keep eyelash extensions in tip-top shape and has been proven to strengthen lash retention.
  6. Wear a sleep mask at night. Some of us tend to sleep more on one side which might result in lop-sided retention. Throwing on a sleep mask before you go to bed will help protect both eyes no matter what your sleeping position.  
  7. Brush and cleanse lashes daily for the best look.
  8. Get fills regularly. We recommend fills once every week for natural sets and once every two or three weeks for classic, hybrid, and volume sets.